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Information Classification on this Website

Classification and overview of information on this website is as follows:

Structure of Depositor

Various information about deposit insurance system for protecting depositors’ deposits
in case of failures of financial institutions, and the Criminal Accounts Damage Recovery Act

About DICJ Organization, overview of operations, policy for operations, and performance evaluation
DICJ's Activities Activities and results
Releases &
Public Relations
Press release, publication for procurement, and personnel information

Abbreviation and Others on this Website

Abbreviations and other names of acts or accounts used on DICJ's website.

Name of Act Abbreviation/Others
Deposit Insurance Act -
Act on Emergency Measures for Financial Functions Stabilization Former Financial Functions Stabilization Act
Act on Emergency Measures Revitalization of the Financial Functions Financial Revitalization Act
Act on Emergency Measures for Early Strengthening of Financial Functions Early Strengthening Act
Act on Special Measures concerning Promotion of Disposal of Claims and Debts of Specific Jusen Companies Jusen Act
Act on Special Measures for Promotion of Organizational Restructuring of Financial Institutions Organizational Restructuring Act
Act on Special Measures for Strengthening Financial Functions Financial Functions Strengthening Act
Act on Special Treatment of Corporate Reorganization Proceedings and Other Insolvency Proceedings of Financial Institutions Special Corporate Reorganization Act
Industrial Revitalization Corporation Act -
Act on the Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corporation of Japan -
Act on Regional Economy Vitalization Corporation of Japan REVIC Act
Act on the Corporation for Revitalizing Earthquake-Affected Business Act on Corporation for Revitalizing Business
Act on Damage Recovery Benefit Distributed from Fund in Bank Accounts Used for Crimes Criminal Accounts Damage Recovery Act
Act on Utilization of Dormant Deposits to Promote Public Interest Activities by the Private Sector Dormant Deposits Utilization Act
Act on Registration of Deposit and Savings Accounts, etc. for Prompt and Secure Implementation of Provision of Public Benefits, etc. Account Registration Act
Act on Management of Deposit and Savings Accounts, etc. through Use of Individual Numbers Based on Intentions of Depositors/Savers Account Management Act
Name of Account Abbreviation/Others
Account for Early Strengthening of Financial Functions Early Strengthening Account
Account for Disposal of Claims and Debts of Specific Jusen Companies Jusen Account
Financial Institutions' Management Base Strengthening Account Management Base Strengthening Account

How to Search Information within the Website

How to search information within DICJ's website.

Search within the website With keywords, information you aim to get can be searched through the site. You can find this function on the top area (header) of all pages on this website.
Sitemap General outline of DICJ's website

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