Completion of liquidation of the Bridge Bank of Japan

Date: September 5, 2014

In accordance with the Deposit Insurance Act, the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan (“the DICJ”) established the Bridge Bank of Japan (“the Bridge Bank”) in March 2002, which was the first bridge bank in Japan with the equity capital of 2,050 million yen and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the DICJ.
Under special measures for the blanket guarantee of deposits, etc., the Bridge Bank was utilized in resolutions of Ishikawa Bank and Chubu Bank, and was dissolved in March 2004 after achieving its expected objectives as a bridge bank, becoming a corporation in liquidation.
Thereafter, the corporation carried out operations mainly related to liquidation affairs of those two banks. However, the liquidation of Chubu Bank was completed in February, 2009, and that of Ishikawa Bank was also completed in May this year. Following such development, by the approval of financial statements at an extraordinary general meeting held on September 3, the liquidation of this corporation was completed.

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