Capital participation operations pursuant to the Organizational Restructuring Act

(as of September 30, 2022) (Units: ¥ billion, %)
  Capital participation (Subordinated Loan) Management/Disposal Status
Name of Financial Institution Month Year Amount Rate (L=6m JPY LIBOR) Beginning of Step-up Rate after Beginning of Step-up Maturity Month Year Note
Kanto Tsukuba Bank(Fully Disposed) September 2003 6.0 L + 3.76 (Rate adjustment clause included, which are dependent on the condition of fulfillment of the plan) October 1, 2008 L + 4.76 10 years September 2008 The borrower exercised the option to repay in full.
Total Amount of Capital participation 6.0
Total Amount of the Disposed Book Value 6.0
Remaining Balance
(Fully Disposed) Fully Disposed

For the case of financial institutions whose disposal has been completed, names at the time of the completion of disposal are used for the names of financial institutions.

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