Disposal of Ordinary Shares of Resona Holdings

Press Release

Date: July 18, 2013

1. Resona Holdings, Inc. (“Resona Holdings”) made a request to the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan (“DICJ”) to sell the ordinary shares of Resona Holdings held by the DICJ.
2. The DICJ considered the request based on its “Immediate Guideline for Disposal of Preferred Shares and other Capital-Raising Instruments Acquired through Capital Injection with Public Funds” announced in October 2005, and did not find any special problems in view of the following:
  • The soundness of management of the financial institution;
  • Avoiding public costs; and
  • Financial system stability.
Therefore the DICJ made an application for disposal of the shares to the Commissioner of the Financial Services Agency and the Minister of Finance, and the application was approved today.
3. Regarding the disposal of Resona Holding’s ordinary shares, Resona Holdings will acquire them by the purchase of own shares through off-auction own share repurchase transaction (ToSTNet-3).  In response to this purchase, the DICJ intends to sell the ordinary shares of Resonal Holdings held by the DICJ through this transaction.
Reference 1: Outline of the acquisition of own shares announced by Resona Holdings
Class of shares Resona Holdings, Inc. ordinary shares
Number of shares to be acquired 190,839,600 shares
Manner of acquisition Off-auction own share repurchase transaction at the Tokyo Stock Exchange (ToSTNet-3)
Acquisition price ¥524 per share
Date of acquisition July 19, 2013
Reference 2: Ordinary shares held and to be sold by the DICJ
Class of shares Resona Holdings, Inc. ordinary shares
Total amount of acquisition ¥296,438,428,000
Number of shares acquired 570,073,900 shares
Acquisition price ¥520 per share
Amount currently held ¥261,696,500,000
Number of shares currently held 503,262,500 shares
Number of shares to be sold 190,839,600 shares (Note)
Note: It is possible that part of the shares to be sold may not be sold due to the sales by third parties.

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