Assets Purchased from Sound Financial Institutions

Operation of asset purchase from sound financial institutions based on the Financial Revitalization Act was implemented in FY1999 and purchases applied by the end of March, 2005 were carried out.

The actual purchases were entrusted to the contracted bank (the Resolution) and Collection Corporation.

Date: June 28, 2005
(Unit: ¥ billion)

  Cumulative total of purchases (applied by the end of March 2005)
Number of financial institutions Principal of claims Purchase price
City banks, long-term credit banks and trust banks 20 2,831.6 287.3
Regional banks 59 572.8 40.4
Regional Banks Ⅱ 41 434.0 13.7
Shinkin banks and credit cooperatives 72 165.7 11.9
Total 192 4,004.1 353.3
(Remarks) The number of financial institutions is not counted for duplication of purchases (at the point of purchase basis).

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