Bidding Schedules of the DICJ’s Borrowings and the DICJ Bonds(October 2021 to December 2021)

Date:October 28, 2021

Bidding Schedules of the DICJ’s borrowings, etc. from October 2021 to December 2021 are as follows:

1.With government guarantee


Bidding schedule Borrowing schedule Term  
November 8 (Mon) ’21 November 18 (Thu) ’21 About 12 months

(2) DICJ Bonds

Bidding schedule Issuing schedule Maturity  
November 11 (Thu) ’21 November 18 (Thu) ’21 2 years

2.Without government guarantee

Borrowings for Operations of Bank Transfer Fraud Damages Recovery

Bidding schedule Borrowing schedule Term  
December 20 (Mon) ’21 December 28 (Tue) ’21 About 3 months
  1. Schedules of bidding date and borrowing date, etc. above are subject to change.
  2. Bidding participants will be notified of specific amounts, maturities, etc. 5 business days prior to each bidding schedule in principle.
  3. Bidding for borrowings may be made besides the above schedules. The specific schedules and other conditions will also be announced in advance as the details are determined.

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