11th DICJ Round Table

Date: April 19, 2019

The Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan (DICJ) held an international conference, the “11th DICJ Round Table” on March 12-13, 2019, in Tokyo with participants from foreign deposit insurance institutions and relevant authorities from 21 countries/jurisdictions (23 institutions) as well as domestic experts - around 120 participants in total. Presentations were delivered by the speakers and panelists on the current topics related to deposit insurance funds in their jurisdictions, followed by lively discussions.

The speakers, moderators and panelists who contributed to the 11th DICJ Round Table are as shown below.

Welcome Remarks:
Mr. Katsunori Mikuniya  Governor, DICJ  < Presentation material (PDF)[94KB] >
                            < Welcome remarks (PDF)[62KB] >       
Keynote speaker:
Mr. Toshihide Endo    Commissioner, Financial Services Agency, Japan <Keynote speech(PDF)[264KB]>(FSA website)
Mr. Takamasa Hisada Deputy Governor, DICJ< Presentation material (PDF)[335KB] >
Mr. Patrick Mitchell Deputy Director, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, USA < Presentation material (PDF)[434KB] >
Ms. Malvika Sinha CEO, Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation, India < Presentation material (PDF)[70KB] >
Dr. Seongbak Wi Chairman and President, Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation, Korea < Presentation material (PDF)[2.89MB] >
Mr. Lim Kong Kuan General Manager, Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corporation, Malaysia < Presentation material (PDF)[730KB] >
Mr. Fauzi Ichsan CEO, Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation, Indonesia
Panel Discussion 1: Current Situation and Future Prospects of Deposit Insurance Funds
Moderator and Panelist:
Mr. Nikolay Evstratenko, Director, Deposit Insurance Agency, Russia < Presentation material (PDF)[541MB] >
Ms. Denise Wong, CEO, Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, Singapore < Presentation material (PDF)[448KB] >
Ms. Elif Aripinar, Fund Expert, Savings Deposit Insurance Fund, Turkey < Presentation material (PDF)[359KB] >
Panel Discussion 2: Operation of Deposit Insurance Funds: Challenges and Prospects
Mr. David Walker, Secretary General, International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI)
Mr. Nestor González Orozco, Deputy Secretary, The Institute for the Protection of Bank Savings, Mexico < Presentation material (PDF)[317KB] >
Ms. Kamolwan Silapiruti, Senior Executive Vice President, Deposit Protection Agency, Thailand < Presentation material (PDF)[961KB] >
Ms. Helen Chen, Deputy Director, Central Deposit Insurance Corporation, Chinese Taipei < Presentation material (PDF)[877KB] >
Closing Remarks:
Mr. Takamasa Hisada        Deputy Governor, DICJ

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