The Fifth Specific Bridge Company of Japan Announcement of Financial Results (1st Fiscal Year)

1-12-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
The Fifth Specific Bridge Company of Japan
Director Norimitsu Takada

Ⅰ.Balance Sheet(as of March 31, 2015)


Item Amount Item Amount
(Assets)   (Liabilities)  
Ⅰ Current Assets   Ⅰ Current Liabilities  
     Cash and Deposits 3,734,444      Income Taxes Payable 52,500
     Accrued Income 688 Current Liabilities Total 52,500
     Income Taxes Receivable 5    
Current Assets Total 3,735,137 Ⅱ Fixed Liabilities  
    Fixed Liabilities Total 0
Ⅱ Fixed Assets      
Fixed Assets Total 0 Liabilities Total 52,500
    (Net Assets)  
Ⅲ Deferred Assets   Ⅰ Shareholders’ Equity  
Deferred Assets Total 0       Capital 4,000,000
          Capital Surplus  
             Capital Reserve 0
             Other Capital Surplus 0
    Capital Surplus Total 0
          Retained Earnings  
             Legal Retained Earnings 0
             Other Retained Earnings -317,363
                Retained Earnings Brought Forward -317,363
    Retained Earnings Total -317,363
         Treasury Shares 0
    Shareholders’ Equity Total 3,682,637
    Net Assets Total 3,682,637
Total 3,735,137 Total 3,735,137

Ⅱ.Other information

1.Explanatory notes concerning matters pertaining to significant accounting policies

(1) Accounting policy for deferred assets

Deferred organization expenses are accounted for as the full amount at the time of the expenditure.

(2) Accounting policy for consumption taxes

Tax inclusive method is applied.

2.Net profit (loss)

Net loss ¥317,363

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