Policy Board

The Policy Board of the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan (“DICJ”) shall be composed of not more than eight members, in addition to the Governor and the Deputy Governors, and the Governor plays a role of Chairman of this Board. When it is necessary to study and discuss special item, the Board is allowed to have not more than four temporary members.

Following the approval of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, the Governor of the DICJ shall appoint members and temporary members to the Policy Board from among persons with experience and expertise in financial matters. The current members have been appointed not only from financial industry such Chairman of Japanese Bankers Association but also from business circles, academic community, etc.

The resolutions of the Policy Board include the following important items:

1) Decisions on the deposit insurance premium rates
2) Decisions on insurance payouts and provisional payments thereof
3) Decisions on financial assistance
4) Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation
5) Preparation of and amendments to the Operational Guideline
6) Budget and funding plans

The Policy Board Members

(as of September 8, 2023, members in Japanese syllabary order)
Chairman MITSUI Hidenori Governor, Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan
Member KATO Masahiko Chairman, Japanese Bankers Association
Member KUMAGAI Toshiyuki Chairman, The Second Association of Regional Banks
Member GOTO Hisashi Chairman, Regional Banks Association of Japan
Member TORITANI Reiko Senior Director, Research Institute for Environmental Finance
Member NISHIDA Yasunori President, National Association of Labour Banks
Member FUKUDA Shin-ichi Professor, Graduate School of Economics, The University of Tokyo
Member MIMURO Kenichiro Chairman, The National Association of Shinkin Banks
Member MIYAMOTO Katsuhiro Representative Director and President, Sanyo Special Steel Co., Ltd.
SHOGAN Ryuichi  
OTSUKA Hidemitsu  

Policy Board Meetings

FY2000 (131st - 136th meetings) (137th - 140th meetings) (141st - 147th meetings)
FY2001 (148th - 151st meetings) (152nd - 155th meetings) (156th - 158th meetings) (159th - 160th meetings)
FY2002 (161st - 164th meetings) (165th - 166th meetings) (167th - 169th meetings)
FY2003 (170th - 173rd meetings) (174th - 176th meetings)
FY2004 (177th - 182nd meetings)
FY2005 (183rd - 186th meetings)
FY2006 (187th - 190th meetings)
FY2007 (191st - 195th meetings)
FY2008 (196th - 202nd meetings)
FY2009 (203rd - 208th meetings)
FY2010 (209th - 213rd meetings) (214th - 216th meetings)
FY2011 (217th - 220th meetings) (221st - 224th meetings) (225th - 227th meetings) (228th meeting)
FY2012 (229th - 230th meetings)(231st - 233rd meetings)(234th - 237th meetings)
FY2013 (238th - 242nd meetings)
FY2014 (243rd - 250th meetings)
FY2015 (251st - 254th meetings)
FY2016 (255th - 259th meetings)
FY2017 (260th - 262nd meetings)
FY2018 (263rd - 268th meetings)
FY2019 (269th - 271st meetings)
FY2020 (272nd - 275th meetings)
FY2021 (276nd - 280th meetings)

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