(3) Jusen Account

Balance Sheet

Assets Liabilities and Net Assets
Item March 31,
March 31,
Item March 31,
March 31,
(Current Assets) 5,088 5,069 (Current Liabilities) 456,620
Cash and Deposits
68 59
Accounts Payable
Short-Term Loan
Advance Payments Received
Accrued Income
0 0 (Fixed Liabilities) 100,000 870,132
Reserves for Retirement Allowance
(Fixed Assets) 1,000,168 1,878,158
Repayable Payments Received from Bank of Japan
100,000 100,000
Tangible Fixed Assets
Charges against Assets Allotted in Operation
Loan Guarantees
Intangible Fixed Assets
1 (Statutory Reserves)    
Investment and Other Assets
1,000,168 1,878,128
Financial Stabilization Fund
900,168 1,008,04
Assets Relating to Financial Stabilization Fund
800,168 908,046
Counterpart of Private-Sector Contributions
900,168 6
Shares of Affiliated Companies
200,000 200,000
Counterpart of Operating Income
Guarantee Money and Other Security Deposit
Per contra on Loan Guarantees
770,000 (Liabilities Total) 1,000,168 1,046
      (Capital)   2,334,799
Government Capital
Earned Surplus or Loss
88 5,000
Deficit Brought Forward
Unappropriated Current Profit (loss)
      (Net Assets Total) 5,088  
Total 1,005,257 1,883,227 Total 1,005,257 1,883,227

Note: Figures are rounded off.


Profit and Loss Statement

Expenses Revenues
Item FY2011 (Reference)
Item FY2011 (Reference)
(Current Expenses) 355,995 31,785 (Current Revenue) 743,229 7,921
Grant For Claim Resolution Company
Income from Investment
Operation Promotion Company
38,255 27,847
Income from Investment of Financial Stabilization Fund
1,054 3,572
Income from Special Operations Contributions
190 306
General Administrative Expenses
218 365
Paid from General Account
Transfer to Financial Stabilization Fund
317,522 3,572
Reversal from Financial Stabilization Fund
425,400 3,984
Non-Operating Income
4 32
(Extraordinary Expenses)    
Reversal from Charge Against Assets
112 25
Loss from Retirement of Fixed Assets
0 0      
      (Extraordinary Income)    
(Current Profit) 456,660
Income from Cancellation of Subsidy
      (Current Deficit) 23,863
Total 812,656 31,785 Total 812,656 31,785
Notes: 1. Current profit of ¥456,660 million is used to fill in loss carried forward from the previous fiscal year and the remainder is added to the accumulated fund for the next fiscal year, pursuant to the provisions of Article 5, paragraph 1 of the Ordinance of Enforcement of the Jusen Act.
2. Figures are rounded off.

The notes below refer to the items mentioned for the FY2011 settlement of accounts.

Important Accounting Principles and Other Relevant Matters

1. Evaluation Method for Securities
Cost method based on the periodic average method.
2. Depreciation Method for Fixed Assets
Fixed installment method using the criteria under the Corporation Tax Act. The aggregate depreciation amount until December 31, 2011 has been transferred to the general account.
3. Appropriation Criteria for Reserves
Financial Stabilization Contributor Fund
In order to allocate the money to fund the claim resolution company and provide subsidies to help ensure its smooth operation, the financial stabilization contribution fund includes contributions from financial institutions who were investors or creditors of specific Jusen companies, pursuant to the provision of Article 9, paragraph 1 of the Act on Special Measures concerning Promotion of Disposal of Claims and Debts of Specific Jusen Companies (Act No. 93 of 1996; hereinafter referred to as the “Jusen Act.”) and interest from the management of these funds, pursuant to the provision of Article 9, paragraph 2 of the Jusen Act.
4. Other Important Matters Relating to Preparation of Financial Statements
  (1) Accounting method for consumption tax: tax inclusive method
  (2) Accounting criteria for revenue and expenses: accrual method
  (3) Abolishment of Account for Disposal of Claims and Debts of Specific Jusen Companies
This account will be abolished within FY2012 after the repayment of contributions from the Bank of Japan and the completion of distribution of residual assets of the Financial Stabilization Contributor Fund (Article 30, paragraph 1 of the Jusen Act) and the amount equivalent to the residual assets will be paid to the national treasury (Article 30, paragraph 2 of the Jusen Act).

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