(8) Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corporation Account

Balance Sheet

(Unit: million yen)
Assets Liabilities and Net Assets
Item March 31, 2011 Item March 31, 2011
(Current Assets) 23 (Current Liabilities)  
Cash and Deposits
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
    (Fixed Liabilities) 9,660
(Fixed Assets)  
Contribution from Financial Institutions
ETIC Shares 19,629
Reserves for Retirement Allowance
    (Liabilities Total) 9,660
    Government Capital 10,000
    (Deficit) (6)
Deficit brought forward
Unappropriated Current Deficit
    (Net Assets Total) 9,993
Total 19,653 Total 19,653

Note: Figures are rounded down.


Profit and Loss Statement

(Unit: million yen)
Expenses Revenue
Item FY2010 Item FY2010
(Current Expenses) 4 (Current Revenue) 0
Cost of Establishing ETIC
Contribution to Establish ETIC
General Administrative Expense
Non-Operating Income
    (Current Deficit) 4
Total 4 Total 4
The notes below refer to the items mentioned for the FY2010 settlement of accounts.
Notes: 1. Current deficit of ¥4 million is carried forward to the next fiscal year, pursuant to the provision of Article 3,paragraph 2 of the Order on Special Provisions, etc. for DICJ's Operations, prescribed in Chapter 8 of the Act on Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corporation of Japan.
2. Figures are rounded down

  Important Accounting Principles and Other Relevant Matters

1.  Evaluation Method for Securities

  Cost method based on the periodic average method.

2.  Appropriation Criteria for Reserves
Reserves for Retirement Allowance
The required remuneration at the end of the fiscal year is used as the criterion for appropriating for payment of allowances for employees.
3.  Other Important Matters Relating to Preparation of Financial Statements

(1)  Accounting method for consumption tax: tax inclusive method

(2)  Accounting criteria for revenue and expenses: accrual method

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