Privacy Policy at DICJ's website

(Notice) The followings are not applied to other websites which are linked to DICJ’s website.

1. Basic Policy

The Public Relations and Information Management Office, the Planning and Coordination Department of Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan (hereinafter referred to as “the office,”) gather users’ information necessary only to smoothly operate services provided on DICJ’s website ( The gathered information is treated properly in the range of the purpose of use.

2. The range of information gathered

To use “Contact Us,” it might be required to enter your name, contact information or email address. The sender’s address is shown to the receiver.

3. Purpose of Use

Comments or information gathered, based on 2, will be referred to make new measures. Therefore, they will be forwarded or disclosed to related departments in DICJ. The information will be arranged not to be able to identify the person (except when it is stated that the information such as name or so on will be published in advance or people consent with publication of the personal information). The email address and telephone number can be used to respond to inquiries or confirmation. Moreover, this information might be forwarded to related government ministries, according to the contents of comments etc.

4. Limitation of Use and Disclosure

The office does not use the gathered information beyond the purpose defined at “3. Purpose of Use” or disclose it to the third party unless there is a request for the information based on the law, an illegal action such as unauthorized access or assault, or an other special reason. However, statistically processed information about accesses to this website or users' predicable might be published.

5. Steps to Manage Information Securely

The office takes requisite steps to prevent leak, loss, or damage of gathered information and to manage it properly.

6. Request for Disclosure

When the information gathered at “Contact Us” page corresponds to the held personal information ( referring to the held information defined by Clause 3 of Article 2 of Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Agencies, etc., (Item 59 in the law at 30th, May, 2003)), the request for disclosure can be made based on Article 12 of the same law.

7. Application Scope

This policy is valid only in this website. Information management at related government ministries is conducted by each ministry’s responsibility.

8. Others

DICJ might revise this policy. When it plans to revise, it will be informed on this website.

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