Changes of Deposit Insurance Premium Rates

  Effective rate(Note1) Deposit insurance premium rate
From 1971 (when the system began) to FY1981 0.006% 0.006%
From FY1982 to FY1985 0.008% 0.008%
From FY1986 to FY1995 0.012% 0.012%
From FY1996 to FY2000 0.084% 0.048%
FY2001 Specific deposits(Note 2) Other deposits, etc.(Note 2)
0.048% 0.048%
FY2002 0.094% 0.080%
FY2003, FY2004 Deposits for payment and settlement purposes(Note 3) General deposits, etc.(Note 3)
0.090% 0.080%
FY2005 0.115% 0.083%
FY2006, FY2007 0.110% 0.080%
FY2008 0.108% 0.081%
FY2009 0.107% 0.081%
FY2010, FY2011 0.107% 0.082%
FY2012, FY2013(Note 4) 0.084%
FY2014 (Note 4) 0.108%
FY2015, FY2016 0.042% 0.054% 0.041%
FY2017 0.037% 0.049% 0.036%
FY2018 0.034% 0.046% 0.033%
FY2019 0.033% 0.045% 0.032%
FY2020 0.045% 0.031%
FY2021 0.031% 0.042% 0.029%
FY2022, FY2023 0.015% 0.021% 0.014%
  1. Including the rate (0.036%) of the special insurance premium (provided for in Article 19, paragraph (1) of the Supplementary Provisions of the Deposit Insurance Act), which was in place between FY1996 and FY2001. The effective rate from FY2002 onward is the premised one when the deposit insurance premium rates were decided.
  2. “Specific deposits” are current deposits, ordinary deposits and separate deposits, and “other deposits, etc.” are deposits other than specific deposits, such as time deposits.
  3. Until FY2004, “deposits for payment and settlement purposes” were the same as “specific deposits”, and “general deposits, etc.” were the same as “other deposits, etc.” (specified settlement obligations as specified in Article 69-2, paragraph (1) of the Deposit Insurance Act were included in FY2004). From FY2005 onward, “deposits for payment and settlement purposes” comprise deposits meeting three requirements — bearing no interest, payable on demand, and capable of providing payment and settlement services — and specified settlement obligations, while “general deposits, etc.”, comprise deposits, etc. other than deposits for payment and settlement purposes, such as time deposits.
  4. Between FY2012 and FY2014, the insurance premiums were partially reimbursed during these fiscal years as there was neither (a) an insurable contingency, (b) a disposition ordering the management of business and properties of a failed financial institution by a financial administrator, nor (c) a confirmation by the Prime Minister to take measures stipulated in Article 102, paragraph (1), items (ii) or (iii) of the Deposit Insurance Act (the deposit insurance premium rates and the effective rate after the reimbursement are shown in the parentheses).

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