Change of Deposit Insurance Premium Rates

Press Release

Date: March 24, 2014

At the Policy Board meeting held today, the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan (DICJ) decided to change the deposit insurance premium rates in the following manner:

  1. The deposit insurance premium rates applicable from April 1, 2014 will be:
    0.081% for general deposits, etc.; and
    0.108% for deposits for payment and settlement purposes
  2. On the basis that a situation “where it is anticipated that a sharp decline in prices in domestic and international financial markets or other types of rapid deterioration of financial markets will adversely affect the financial position of the DICJ” did not arise during FY2013, if during FY2014 there is no (ⅰ) insurance contingency (Article 49, paragraph 2, items 1 and 2 of the Deposit Insurance Act ); (ⅱ) order for a financial administrator to manage the business and properties of the failed financial institution (Article 74, paragraphs 1or 2 of said Act); or (ⅲ) decision by the Prime Minister to take measures stipulated in Article 102, paragraph 1, items 2 or 3 of said Act, the DICJ, in spite of “1.” above, will calculate the difference between the insurance premiums based on the rates described in “1.” above and those calculated based on the rates below, and reimburse the difference without interest after the end of FY2014, without delay, upon approval from the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance:
    0.068% for general deposits, etc.; and
    0.090% for deposits for payment and settlement purposes

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